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Frequently asked questions

1. How do I place an order?

Ordering, i.e. buying products, can be done in several ways:

2. What happens after I place an order?

After you place the product order, it is received for processing at our sales center:

  • orders paid remotely (with credit/debit cards) or those where the "cash on delivery" payment option is selected are prepared for delivery of the product to the customer's address immediately after checking availability
  • orders and inquiries that are paid "by offer" are processed in the sales center, and the customer is sent a non-binding offer with payment instructions by e-mail. If the offer suits the buyer, the buyer should make the payment, and the goods will be delivered within the time limit and in the manner indicated on the offer
3. Can I cancel my order if it has not been shipped yet?

Yes, it is possible to cancel an order that has not yet been sent for delivery. If you want to cancel your order, please contact us as soon as possible via email [email protected] and/or phone 043 531 398, so that we can cancel the order before the delivery process begins.

4. What can I do if the product I want is sold out?

If the product you want to order is sold out or currently unavailable, you can order (and pay for) the same (in agreement with our staff), with an extended delivery period.

For unavailable products for which the manufacturers or importers cannot define delivery dates, it is not possible to order and purchase with an extended delivery date (about which we will inform you in a timely manner).

5. Do I have to register in order to shop?

You do not need to register to make a purchase at

For Customers who shop more often on our website, registration provides numerous benefits:

  • quick purchase process without the need to enter your personal information
  • overview of previous orders
  • the possibility of savings by becoming a member and collecting points in the TM loyalty program
6. Can I make a purchase somewhere else besides the web store?

In addition to the online store, you can also buy and pick up products in the traditional way in our Retail-store at Industrijska ulica 3, 43280 Garešnica.

7. Can I place an order over the phone?

Due to the possibility of errors in defining the desired product and/or the delivery address, placing orders by phone is unfortunately not possible.

1. What are all possible methods of payment?

Customers are offered various payment options:

  • General payment slip / On-line banking
  • Cash on delivery - payment tp the delivery person (valid for delivery in the territory of the Republic of Croatia)
  • Debit and credit cards
  • KEKS Pay - payment through the KEKS Pay application
  • By paying at the point of sale with cash and all types of credit and debit cards
2. Can I pay in installments?

Payment by installments is possible with credit and debit cards from the following issuers:

  • VISA Gold card (one-time payment or installments up to 24 installments)
  • DINERS (one-time payment or installments up to 36 installments)
  • VISA and Maestro cards - up to 12 installments, without interest (ERSTE, ZABA and PBZ)

For the purposes of paying with debit cards in installments, it is necessary to have the service activated by the bank issuing the card.

3. Can I pay cash on delivery - to the delivery person?

Payment by cash on delivery, due to restrictions by delivery services that are able to accept cash, is only possible for packages of smaller dimensions and a total weight of up to 25 kg. The cash on delivery service is only available for the territory of the Republic of Croatia.

4. Are the prices in the physical store the same as in the web shop?

The prices shown on are also valid for purchases in our store, and the same promotional conditions and discounts apply depending on the payment method.

1. How long does the product delivery take?

The deadline for product delivery depends on the availability of the product, the location of the recipient and the volume of the shipment and is calculated from the day of payment for the purchased products. The deadlines listed below are informative and not binding.

Deliveries in the territory of the Republic of Croatia:

  • 1-2 working days for parcel shipments of smaller sizes and products available in our own stock
  • 2-6 working days for freight shipments (large packages and goods on pallets) and products available in stock of business partners

Deliveries in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia:

  • 2-4 working days for parcel shipments of smaller dimensions and products available in our own stock
  • 6-8 working days for freight shipments (large packages and goods on pallets) and products available in stock of business partners

Deliveries in other EU countries:

  • 4-6 working days for parcel shipments of smaller dimensions and products available from our own stock
  • 8-14 working days for freight shipments (large packages and goods on pallets) and products available in stock of business partners

Extended delivery times are possible:

  • in the case of purchasing products that are not in our own stock, in which case delivery times are extended by 2-4 working days on average
  • in the case of the purchase of non-standard products, custom-made products, hard-to-obtain products, etc.
  • in the case of deliveries to settlements that are not on regular delivery service lines, as well as in the case of deliveries to islands to which carriers do not perform regular deliveries

In the case of extended delivery terms, the buyer will be informed about them in a timely manner via the deadline stated on the purchase offer and/or by other usual means of communication (e-mail, telephone).

2. Can the delivery person deliver the ordered products to the apartment?

Delivery is carried out to the entrance to the residential building (that is, in the case of narrow passages, forest and field roads, etc., delivery is carried out to the farthest point that can be accessed by a delivery vehicle). If it is a residential building, the delivery person is not obliged to carry the goods to the floor where the Customer is located, but only to the entrance of the building.

3. What should I pay attention to during delivery?

When picking up the product, the Customer is obliged to check for possible damage and immediately report it to the delivery person who made the delivery and ask for a record of the damage to be drawn up, or refuse to pick up a shipment with visible external damage. Otherwise, subsequent complaints will not be accepted.

4. Which delivery services do you use?

Product delivery is carried out by Termometal d.o.o.'s own delivery vehicles or through the logistics company GLS d.o.o. (for parcel shipments) and LAGERMAX AED d.o.o. (for large packages and cargo shipments on pallets).

Deliveries by other contractual partners are also possible.

5. What are the delivery costs and what do they depend on?

The costs of delivering the product to the customer's desired address depend on the delivery address, transport weight and volume of the shipment and are always clearly stated in your shopping cart or on the payment offer.

In case of bulkiness and non-standard dimensions of the shipment, we reserve the right to increase the transport prices in accordance with the carrier's price list. In case of the mentioned price increase, the total cost of delivery to the customer's address will always be clearly stated on the offer that we will deliver to you based on your inquiry.

If during the purchase, as a way of collecting the purchased goods, the customer chooses the option of personal collection of the goods at the seller's address, the delivery costs are not charged.

1. Is it possible to return the product?

For products purchased remotely, in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, the consumer may, without giving a reason, terminate the purchase contract within 14 days from the day of receipt of the products purchased remotely, and request a refund from the seller.

You can find details related to returns and restrictions on the possibility of returning products in the Terms of Purchase and on the page for unilateral termination of the purchase agreement.

2. Who bears the costs of returning the goods?

The organization of the return of the product as well as the return costs are borne by the buyer who terminates the purchase contract.

3. What do I need to send when returning the product?

In case of product return and termination of the purchase contract, the consumer is obliged to deliver:

  • form for unilateral termination of the purchase agreement
  • original invoice
  • undamaged and unused product (any impairment of the product is solely borne by the consumer)
  • original undamaged packaging and accompanying documentation
4. In what situations is a refund not possible?

The customer has no right to unilateral termination of the Agreement and refund in accordance with the definitions in Article 79 of the Law on Consumer Protection.

Examples of exclusion of the right to unilateral termination of the contract:

  • if during the purchase the consumer has confirmed that he is aware of the fact that he will lose the right to unilaterally terminate the contract
  • if the subject of the contract is goods that are made according to the consumer's specifications or that are clearly adapted to the consumer (custom-made products and/or the customer's wishes, e.g. custom-made stoves and radiators; pipes, cables and ropes cut to size according to the customer's wishes, etc.)
  • if the subject of the contract is the provision of goods transportation services (delivery costs), vehicle rental services, if it is agreed that the service will be provided in a certain period
  • if the legal term for unilateral termination of the Purchase Agreement has passed
  • if the returned product is in a condition in which it is not possible to return it to regular sale (consumed products, physically damaged products, etc.)
1. The product under warranty has broken, what should I do?

In case you have a complaint about a product you bought on (defect within the warranty period, etc.), the options available to you are the following:

  • direct complaint to the warranty provider/authorized service via the contacts available with the warranty card (or can be found on the Internet)
  • indirect application by delivery of the product to which the complaint relates to our point of sale (if the same is in accordance with the terms of the product warranty)

To report a defect within the warranty period, be sure to prepare the warranty card and invoice for the product.

In order to solve the situation faster and easier, we anyhow advise you to contact the warranty provider directly, whose contacts are listed on the product warranty sheet.

2. How can I check the status of my order?

You can check the delivery status of your order or offer by calling the number +385 43 531 398. Be sure to prepare the order number or the number of the offer by which you made the payment.

3. Can I exercise the right to more favorable purchase conditions?

To our regular Customers with registered activity (trading companies and craftsmen), depending on the monthly purchase volumes, we grant additional discounts on the prices expressed not in the webshop and on the official price lists.

Read more about the possibility of exercising the right to discounts on the B2B partner program page.

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